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What’s the Gourmand’s Grater?

The Gourmand’s Grater (patent pending) is a 3-in-1 kitchen tool that can grate, grind and puree.  It will come with three different wheels, enabling it to grate everything from cheese and chocolate to nuts and garlic, grind coffee, and even act as a food mill to puree baby food when out and about.

Constructed from stainless steel and porcelain enamel coating, the Gourmand’s Grinder has a retro, 1950′s look, which also ensures that  will last as long your KitchenAid mixer. In fact, we guaranty it. We provide the same “hassle free, total replacement warranty” as KitchenAid.


How is it unique/why is it better than what’s on the market currently?

While there are similarly designed food graters on the market, our grater significantly differs in three key ways. First, it comes with separate wheels to grind coffee beans, grate a variety of foods and puree baby food, so it is, in effect, a grater, grinder and baby food mill, all in one.

Second, because it is made to last a lifetime, it can handle hard foods like coffee beans and Parmesan without fear of breaking. Our warranty backs this commitment to quality up.

Third, it is well designed not only from a functionality perspective, but an aesthetic perspective. The lines of the grater were designed to invoke an authentic 1950′s retro feel, as do the use of stainless steel and porcelain enamel. Though porcelain enamel is quite expensive and difficult for production and cost purposes, it ensures that the the color of the grater has a luster and richness that cannot be replicated.


To what do I credit this epiphany-inspired kitchen implement?

As y’all may know, in 2011 my then-boyfriend Sergio and I decided to set out on an adventure with our two pups, Max and Luke, in tow. We ended up moving to Spain for what was meant to be a year-long sabbatical. We just celebrated our two-year anniversary of our arrival to Madrid, and so much has changed. Then-boyfriend Sergio is now husband-Sergio, and in addition to our two boys, we have added a third (biped) son- Hugo.

Since I love cooking and eating so much, with the free time during our sabbatical and coupled with the crazy pregnancy cravings, I spent a lot of time in our kitchen. I experimented with Spanish recipes and tried to recreate foods that I craved from our home in Texas.

After grating my knuckles countless times on the conventional graters, trying the plastic handheld graters, only to have them bend or break on me,  and finally having to resort to hunting on eBay for the well-designed-but-long-ago-discontinued-Moulinex-Mouli, I began mentally designing an upgrade mouli with the appeal of, say, the popular KitchenAid stand mixer.

Through the miracle of the website Freelancer, I found an amazing designer, Francisco, down in Argentina.  Fran worked with me over countless months and iterations of the grater until we got it just right.


What’s next for the Gourmand’s Grater?

While I was incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon Fran-the-amazing-designer, I have not been so fortunate with regards to finding a manufacturer.  I cannot 3D print a functioning prototype of the grater, as it must be made from metal, as designed, in order to assess the kinks.  To contract for a single prototype is incredibly expensive- from $10,000 to $22,000.

Before I invest our nest egg into this dream, I want to first test the waters and see if, in fact, the masses (or, at least, foodies with disposable income) are clamoring for a better 3-in-1 kitchen implement.  Also, given that I am unwilling to compromise on quality, design or materials, some financial help would be much appreciated.

For these reasons, I have decided to take the Gourmand’s Grater to the crowdfunding community. On Friday, August 16, I will launch a 40-day crowdfunding campaign to finance the manufacturing of the Gourmand’s Grater.

I am having a blast at the moment coming up with some truly awesome and unique thank-you gifts, including the Gourmand’s Grater itself and an all-expense paid Gourmand’s Gastro Trip to Madrid, which will include an awesome welcome basket filled with Spanish goodies, all meals (all of which will be at my favorite restaurants in Madrid), a winery tour, tapas tour, private Spanish wine, beer, olive oil and chocolate tastings, and a private flamenco lesson!

Please subscribe to the website in order to stay abreast of all the news on the Gourmand’s Grater!

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The Gourmand’s Grater

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45 thoughts on “The Gourmand’s Grater

  1. This looks awesome and would be a great addition to our kitchen. An added bonus is that it doesn’t look like it will take up too much additional real estate! Nice work, Annie!

    • Wow- thanks so much, Carrie! That totally makes my day and inspires me to finish the current post I am working on (since having a baby 10 days ago I have been a bit MIA). I hope you keep reading!

  2. This is great! What all can it handle? And how many wheels is it going to come with? I have a black Kitchen Aid mixer- it would be so cool if you make this in black to match!

  3. So nice meeting you the other day, Annie! I checked out the grater and am impressed- beautiful design. Good luck getting it made!

  4. Thanks for hosting the brunch the other day! So impressed with your site, and especially the grater. What beautiful design! Let me know when you launch the Kickstarter campaign. I want to make sure I am first in line to own one!

  5. This is really attractive design. I imagine it on the counter, next to my hot pink Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Any chance you will make it in pink, too?

  6. I saw your post about this on Twitter and love the idea of creating affiliate network via food bloggers, which I am one. Sign me up!

  7. My wife mentioned she saw this grater and wanted it. I want to buy it for her birthday. Where can i get it and do you ship to the Netherlands?

  8. Hi, My friend told me she met you and you were designing a beautiful grater. I love to cook, and am always looking for new gadgets. *Love* this grater! It looks like it is going to be very sturdy.

  9. Howdy! Saw your Twitter profile and got interested in the grater. Very nice! When does the campaign go live?

  10. Love the grater! DId I read somewhere that it will come with a coffee grinder attachment? If so, where can I order one, and how much?

  11. Where do you sell the grater? Will Corte Ingles carry it? I like it very much, but do not want to pay more than 100 Euros.

  12. Moin Moin! Ist das du? I think we were Austauschstudentinnen together, no? I see this grater and like it very much. Please tell me if you are in Germany and we can meet. Tschuess!

  13. I thought one time of making my Kitchen Aid mixer into another kitchen implement. This is a good idea. How much do you think you price it at?

  14. Beautiful grater. Is it made out of plastic or metal? I have a Zyliss and have replaced it three times. Parmesan cheese kills it! Please email me when it is available.

  15. Love the look of the grater. Did you say that it can also make baby food? I have an 8-month old, and am always needing something when we are out.

  16. I love the design of the grater but am not sure that I understand how it works. Is there a youtube video or something I can see?

  17. I saw this on pinterest and followed the link here. This would be perfect for a site like the fancy! Where are you going to sell it?

  18. You asked how much I would pay for it and it depends. If it is plastic, not more than $20. If it is metal, then $50.

  19. Just came across your profile on Twitter- it’s like we are cut from the same cloth! I also was a lawyer for a while, but am not into food and wine. Good to meet you, and hope you have luck with this project.

  20. What a beautiful design! I fancy it alongside my Kitchen Aid mixer. I’ve searched for “Gourmand’s Grater” and can’t identify where it is for sale. Can you please provide?

  21. Hey Texannie! Glad to see that the dream still lives! When do you think it will be available for sale? You still owe me one per our bet ;-)

  22. Que bonito es tu rallador! Podemos enviar por Nicaragua? O tal vez mi sobrina puede comprarmelo en los EEUU? Contesta con una respuesta porfa. Saludos, Angelita

  23. Hello, I like this site very much and the food processor is also very nice. Kep up the informational posts. Also, you have a recipe for Ecuadorian horchata?

  24. Congratulations on this website! I see new recipes, every day, and hope you have much success with it and the grater. Will we know via the newsletter when the grater is ready?

  25. Love all of your wonderful recipes and blog posts- reminds me of my childhood in NOLA and trips to Spain!

  26. Hey! Just wanted to give a shout-out to my fave fellow foodie and product developer! I hope to see you at the FoodHer conference next month- we can chat about how we can get our damn products made! Besos,

  27. Ho visto il tuo grattugia cibo pubblicizzato su uno dei miei blog cibo preferito, e mi piace il design molto. Per favore fatemi sapere se è disponibile per la vendita. Inoltre, possiedo un negozio nel centro di Parma, e sarei molto interessato a vendere i vostri prodotti. Abbracci, Flo

  28. Je vous remercie de nous envoyer un courriel en ce qui concerne la fabrication de cette râpe. Je pense que nous serions en mesure de produit, mais nécessitent certains dessins CAO. S’il vous plaît écrivez-moi pour discuter et pour que je puisse préparer un devis.Clotilde

  29. Very cool! Have you already begun selling it, tho? Thought I saw it at Renovation Hardware the other day.

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