If you have never tried Ecuadorian cuisine, try this green plantain soup! Simple, healthy, delicious and filling, it may inspire you to start booking a flight! (Adapted from laylita.com)

What the pilgrims would have eaten had they landed at Zihuatanejo! Take your classic 3 leches, double your leches and then infuse it with the fun and flavor of Thanksgiving- awesome!

Though it does call for a large, shallow pan, once you have the right kitchen implements, paella is cheap, easy, healthy and delicious to make- perfect for dinner parties and other family-style gatherings.

Seriously, the easiest pizza dough recipe out there. It can be gourmet'd up for the foodies out there but on its own, still beats delivery or frozen any day,

You may not be able to dance salsa like a Cuban but at least you can recreate their delicious plato nacional of beans and rice!