You may not be able to dance salsa like a Cuban but at least you can recreate their delicious plato nacional of beans and rice!

Creamy and delicious, this artichoke bisque is a snap prepare and can usually be rustled up with staples in your pantry.

Delicious, easy, healthy and filling, this seafood stew is now one of my favorite go-tos for dinner parties and Sunday dinner (and leftovers)!

Babaganouj is one of those foods that I absolutely *must have* every now and then. This recipe allows me to whip it up whenever I want and get rid of those eggplants sitting in my refrigerator, dying a slow death, without suffering the guilt of throwing them away!

If you have never tried Ecuadorian cuisine, try this green plantain soup! Simple, healthy, delicious and filling, it may inspire you to start booking a flight! (Adapted from