While a few weeks ago, I was obsessed with Ecuadorian cuisine and particularly the plantain, my tastebuds grabbed a flight for the other side of the Pacific Rim, and have hunkered down in Asia, holed up in a hostel, gorging on street food.  Singapore street noodles, Bánh mì,  dirty fried rice, a hot bowl of pho. […]

One of those essentials that is so cheap and easy to make, and the results so superior to anything you could buy, that you will be making it at home from now on!

I am fast approaching my due date and have reached that promised mental state  of being ready to be done with pregnancy.  Back pain has kept me relatively immobile and while pre-pregnancy me thought that being confined to “bed rest” sounded like the equivalent of a snow day, when the rules of normal life don’t […]

Croquetas are very easy to make, can usually be rustled up with stuff you are already have in your frig and are sure to be a huge hit!

Delicious and healthy chilmichurri goes great not only with beef, but yuca, plaintain, mashed potatoes and even your breakfast eggs!

I know a girl here in Madrid who is *crazy* about Spanish tortilla.   I mean,  certifiably loca. She has made it her life’s mission (okay, maybe more like for her 30′s) to seek out and identify the superlative tortilla española.  I have to say, I admire her for it.  Though I am not as smitten with […]