Break-the-blues pesto is the kick in the pants that all us of need every now and then! Delicious and easy, you can take the short-cut and still give yourself credit for crossing something off the to-do list.

Delicious, easy, healthy and filling, this seafood stew is now one of my favorite go-tos for dinner parties and Sunday dinner (and leftovers)!

Holiday season or not, I am always up for stuffing.  Stuffing is one of those seasonal foods that really should be embraced all year around.  It’s like pizza- it has everything you could possibly want!  At least, the way I make it, it does.  Some base carbs, followed by meat, savory and sweet…. as far […]

This chili has got beans, beer, coffee, chocolate and about 5 peppers originating South-of-the-border. Needless to say, while it ain't Texas chili, it passes this Texannie's taste bud test!