Is there a dessert more Southern than cobbler? Super easy and so delicious, all you need are peaches (the mushier the better!) and ice cream, and dessert is done in minutes!

What the pilgrims would have eaten had they landed at Zihuatanejo! Take your classic 3 leches, double your leches and then infuse it with the fun and flavor of Thanksgiving- awesome!

So I approached the owner of a burrito bar, Tierra, here in Madrid the other day, with the idea of supplying him with desserts.  Dan-the-owner is from Rhode Island, and walking into his place is like being transported back to the good ol’ U.S. of A (despite his questionable credentials as an American- can you […]

The Spanish version of sweet potato pie, or the Southern version of the typical tortilla española. Either way, a delicious combination of spicy and sweet that is great for a potluck or as a Plan B for dinner.

Though it does call for a large, shallow pan, once you have the right kitchen implements, paella is cheap, easy, healthy and delicious to make- perfect for dinner parties and other family-style gatherings.