Is there a dessert more Southern than cobbler? Super easy and so delicious, all you need are peaches (the mushier the better!) and ice cream, and dessert is done in minutes!

Meet Jessica, an adventurous ex-pat living the dream in Barcelona.   She very generously put together this insider scoop on getting your fill of Gaudí when in Barcelona.  And be sure to check out her blog for more tips about Barcelona and pretty much anywhere else- this girl has been to all corners of the […]

I cannot tell you the incredible reactions I get to my 3 mas 2 leches cake- it is well worth the 24-hour soak time/wait!

Surprisingly easy, this incredibly yummy, award-winning banana bread is always a big hit!

Delicious, easy, healthy and filling, this seafood stew is now one of my favorite go-tos for dinner parties and Sunday dinner (and leftovers)!