Prior to moving to Spain, I never really associated Spanish cuisine with the tomato. Italian?  Of course.  But Spanish?  Nope.  Yet I have had tomato prepared in ways here that I never conceived, and I am not talking about dishes made in the style of  Ferran Adria’s-mindblowing-molecular-gastronomic-is-it-a-tomato?-no!-it’s-trout  magic. Rather, it’s the simple staples on any […]

Holiday season or not, I am always up for stuffing.  Stuffing is one of those seasonal foods that really should be embraced all year around.  It’s like pizza- it has everything you could possibly want!  At least, the way I make it, it does.  Some base carbs, followed by meat, savory and sweet…. as far […]

One of those essentials that is so cheap and easy to make, and the results so superior to anything you could buy, that you will be making it at home from now on!

Babaganouj is one of those foods that I absolutely *must have* every now and then. This recipe allows me to whip it up whenever I want and get rid of those eggplants sitting in my refrigerator, dying a slow death, without suffering the guilt of throwing them away!

Surprisingly easy, this incredibly yummy, award-winning banana bread is always a big hit!